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We often feel that the most suitable way to change a landscape is through a series of small steps where observations can better inform future interventions and the space can develop with you. We call this approach 'transition gardening' and we offer our help and expertise to help you transition your existing garden into a space that is not only a pleasure to be in, but that has a positive impact on both the environment and your health.



Undertaking a project in this manner has many benefits.

* Potential to reduce the over all cost of the project.

* Allows the project to be financed in steps.

* Planning ahead allows more informed choices and better organisation. 

* Increased observations improves the suitability of the plant  choices and landscaping interventions.

* Reduces site disturbance for both the residents and the garden  community.


We are able to develop a transition plan for your garden depending on the level of independence you are seeking. There are many design possibilities available and we are happy to spend the time helping you understand the different aspects of your garden and help you best select elements to change or introduce.