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Ecological Gardening

Ecological gardening seeks to harmonize our management strategies with nature’s processes. Our expertise is to help reestablish the natural cycles in your garden which will in turn promote healthy plants and soil

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We use a permaculture creative design process. This guide us to mimic the relationships and patterns of nature from agriculture to ecological gardening. The application depends on the location, resources, climate and micro-climate conditions.

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  • Ecological yard maintenance

Our objective is to help build upon the health of your garden and so they stay healthy all year round. We specialize in spring and fall clean ups.

  • Lawn care and lawn alternatives 

We can help improve your existing grassed spaces or install ecological lawn alternatives.

  • Natural soil amendments and liquid compost tea applications:

Increase naturally the fertility and health of your soil with a number of ecologically responsible products.

  • Fruit Tree and Shrub care:

Pruning, fertilizing, planting, harvesting, advice.

What is Ecological Gardening?

Ecological gardening seeks to harmonize our management strategies with nature’s processes in order to promote a healthy garden community. This invariable calls for the re-introduction of important elements, which have been largely lost in conventional gardening, such as annual carbon inputs, mulches and a strong, diverse soil micro-organism community. By following nature’s lead we work with, rather than against her to maximize potential and reestablish balance among the various elements. Typically this begins with addressing the health of the soil by ensuring annual additions of organic material to feed it. Unlike conventionally managed gardens where leaves, branches and other dead material are largely collected and put in the bin, ecological gardening values this material, which is returned to the soil and the nutrients made available again by soil organisms.

The soil microorganisms (micro-herd) are the engine of any garden and they naturally flourish when we allow organic matter to accumulate. Our expertise is to help reestablish the natural cycles in your garden which will in turn promote healthy plants and soil. We advocate no synthetic pesticides or herbicides and encourage pro-biotic practices where ever possible to increase the total number and diversity of beneficial organisms in the garden. We promote the inclusion of habitat structures, such as ponds, stones and wood piles to provide food, water, and shelter for many different animals.

Ecological gardening principles can easily be applied to all gardens, including existing flower and vegetable gardens. We encourage you to view your garden as part of the broader ecosystem. Look after and maintain the life in your soil, encourage natural cycles and embrace diversity.

Why Ecological Gardening?

Introducing ecological principals into the management of a garden brings about a multitude of positive effects. The long term benefits include healthier, stronger plants, increased water and nutrient availability, reduced needs for external inputs and generally fewer maintenance needs. As organic matter begins to accumulate in the garden there are many changes which will occur in the soil’s physical and chemical characteristics. It will become darker in colour, more aerated and develop a better structure. Water will enter the soil more readily and remain there longer, rather than flowing away along the surface taking precious soil particles with it. Soils high in organic matter not only contain more nutrients, but they hold onto these nutrients tighter, giving them up to plant roots rather than losing them through leaching.  Soils are alive and the diverse organisms which live in them are an essential part of all healthy gardens.