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Edible Landscapes


  • Conception and design of edible landscape

We can design a functional, edible landscape for you or we can work together with you on a participative co-design.

  • Project realization

We can undertake all aspects of your project, with a focus on obtaining the best quality products to ensure a productive result. Feel free to work with us if you want to learn at the same time as reducing the time and costs!

  • Planned transformations of landscapes

We often advocate the step by step transform of existing gardens over the course of a few seasons in order to reduce the disturbance and costs of a complete landscaping intervention. 

What is an edible landscape?

Edible landscaping is the practical integration of food plants into a conventional landscape or garden setting. Well planned edible gardens are not only attractive and easily maintained, but they create many human health and economic benefits. 

Fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, vines, nitrogen fixing plants, ground covers, perennial herbs and vegetables all contribute to the bounty of a garden that doubles as a low maintenance food production system, whilst enhancing the ecosystem and helping the environment.